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Business Builders

Course image: Your Mission in Commission
Proctor Gallagher

Your Mission in Commission

If you’re ready to earn a 6- or 7- figure income each and every year, then you’re ready for this fast-track program, Mission in Commission!
Course image: Path to Agreement
Proctor Gallagher

Path to Agreement

Professional selling is a win-win proposition. It’s finding out something a prospect wants, mixing it with something you have and then giving it back to them. This program includes 8-modules ranging between 10-minutes and 30-minutes.
Course image: The Winner's Image
Proctor Gallagher

The Winner's Image

The Winner’s Image is a strong action oriented program with a powerful emphasis on accountability. Without THIS change, very little will ever change in your life!

Mindset Mastery

Course image: Magic in Your Mind
Proctor Gallagher

Magic in Your Mind

Over the course of six weeks, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and Sandy Gallagher will introduce you to some of the most earth-shaking and truly life-changing ideas you’ve ever heard about tapping into the power of your mind by learning to think in an orderly and creative manner.
Course image: Working with the Law
Proctor Gallagher

Working with the Law

Working With The Law is a series of 12 audio lessons that you can easily access at any time that is convenient for you. The program includes 12 full-length audios and a 142-page digital print-ready Working With The Law Workbook.

The Success Series

Course image: Six Minutes to Success
Proctor Gallagher

Six Minutes to Success

Dramatically increase your results – In ALL areas of your life with the ease, convenience and motivation of Six Minutes to Success.
Course image: Principles of Prosperity - Master the 13 Principles of Success
Proctor Gallagher

Principles of Prosperity

Principles of Prosperity is a high-quality, movie-style production that takes you on a journey through Think and Grow Rich like never before.
Course image: The Science of Getting Rich Package
Proctor Gallagher

The Science of Getting Rich Package

The Science of Getting Rich is a series of 18 audio lessons and includes a 210-page digital and print-ready Science of Getting Rich workbook.

Coaching and Mentoring

Thinking into results
Proctor Gallagher

Thinking Into Results

With our signature program, Thinking Into Results, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence you need to take massive action towards your dreams. Through a combination of video lessons, workbooks, and personalized coaching, you’ll learn how to develop the mindset and habits necessary for success in all areas of your life.
Course image: The New Lead The Field Coaching
Proctor Gallagher

The New Lead The Field Coaching

Within 15 minutes of you registering for this coaching, the first segment of the program will be in your inbox. The program runs a total of 120 days, starting the day you register.
Let’s continue our journey together with on-demand coaching calls
*Save money by bundling courses – available upon request.


Course image: Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club - Eliminate Doubt
Proctor Gallagher

Streaming Club

LIVE Stream Sandy Gallagher live and in real-time. Plus gain wisdom from past streaming sessions.

Fund a transformation

Education is a cornerstone of any full-functioning society.

It is important that those who want to learn and better themselves have the opportunity to do so, regardless of their financial situation, their social class, or their gender. Partner with Enable My Dreams through a financial gift to bring these life-altering courses to the unconscious visionaries among us who have limited access to financial and community resources but have a strong desire to grow within themselves and share their talents with the world.